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Jesus Camp is a very fun documentary to watch with friends but if you watch it alone you just get scared and angry.


"babe wake up we gotta watch yugioh"


Happy Birthday Hikaru ( darkrescues ) ♥

I wanted to send you this via submit, but well. And i’m too late as always and i wish this was better bc you only deserve the best and and and. I hope you had a great birthday yesterday and have all my smooches. ;V;


ive been screaming and crying over kingdom hearts/ fire emblem awakening crossovers on twitter so here is princess kairi as lord class/ the next exalt hahaaah 

seriously their outfits are really similar anyways?? its destiny 


Friendly reminder that Storm 01 came out today, and if you’re able to, you should definitely consider purchasing a copy to show your support for the new female-led comic starring a (fabulous) woman of color. 


As a compliment to some Kingdom Cuties, how about some Kingdom Sweeties :D

Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII (13) - Saix